Case Study 8: Sinus Tarsi Syndrome/ Pain

A 40 year old presented with complaints of pain around the lateral aspect left ankle. The pain had been present for the last year.

The pain was worse when walking and they were unable to perform a single heel raise. There was pain with palpation of the sinus tarsi

Performing an ultrasound of the sinus tarsi indicated significant soft tissue swelling and inflammation (as indicated by the red and blue colours)

Sinus tarsi ultrasound


Sinus tarsi pain is generally seen in a flat foot. When the foot collapses there is jamming in the sinus tarsi (see the picture below).

Sinus tarsi pain

Treatment options include:

-Wearing a more supportive solid shoe

-A deep heel cup orthotic with rearfoot correction to reduced the jamming of the sinus tarsi.

DHC Orthotic

With the change in alignment the sinus tarsi pain reduced.