Custom Shoes

Custom shoes
Custom/ Bespoke footwear are shoes that are specifically made to fit your feet.
At the Foot and Ankle Centre we aim to provide an option to those people who are unable to fit into a standard shoe from the shops.

Footwear Modifications

Footwear modification techniques are used to make shoes more comfortable and supportive. We can modify your existing footwear so they provide the fit, support, and gait correction you require.

Modification Foot, Ankle, Leg Condition
Heel Raises For leg length discrepancies
Flares For unstable ankles
Rocker Soles To decrease pressure on the balls of the feet and reduce pain associated with ankle arthritis
Fold Back Velcro Fastenings To replace lace-ups
Stretching & Bunion Stretching To accommodate deformities/size
Sole Widening For wide feet
Mid-Sole Widening For diabetic (Charcot) foot
Stiffening Shanks For extra ankle or mid-foot support reducing the pain associated with arthritis

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