Drital Powder the New Prantal Powder

What was Prantal Powder?

Prantal powder was made for those with excessively sweaty feet.

The active ingredient that achieved that reduced perspiration was ‘Diphemanil methylsulfate’ this is because this is an antimuscarinic drug.

When muscarinic receptors are turned on they cause sweating. The ‘Diphemanil methylsulfate’ works to turn these receptors off.

Prantal powder was discontinued in 2016 and the only way to get the Diphemanil Methylsulfate was by compounding which is an expensive process.


Drital Powder

Drital powder has the same ingredient as Prantal Powder ‘Diphemanil methylsulfate’ and is available for purchase in out clinic for $25 for a 50g bottle.