Tibial Nerve Schwannoma

What is a Tibial Nerve Schwannoma?

A schwannoma, also commonly called neurilemoma, is the most common tumor arising from the peripheral nerve sheath. It arises from the Schwann cell.

If pain presents in this location it is typically surrounding the tibial nerve and will commonly present with similar findings to tarsal tunnel syndrome.


Causes of a Tibial Nerve Schannoma

In most cases, the cause of a schwannoma is not known. They sometimes occur in people with certain disorders including some types of neurofibromatosis. In these cases, affected people may have multiple tumors that are due to changes (mutations) in a gene.

Diagnosis of Tibial Nerve Schwannoma

Diagnosis is generally made with specific signs and symptoms – when the pain occurs and the location.

At the Foot an Ankle Centre we are able to provide additional information about the presence of plantar fasciitis with ultrasound imaging.

Typically a tibial nerve schwannoma will have a thickened disorganised area surrounding the tibial nerve.

Treatment of a Tibial Nerve Schwannoma

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