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Our Melbourne Podiatrists and Orthotists can hand make orthotics for all ages including for adults, children and seniors. There are a number of different designs our experienced clinicians can make this ensures that you get the best results from your custom made orthotics.

What are Custom Orthotics made for?

Orthotics are devices that are worn in shoes designed to improve foot function and minimise pain and overuse.

Custom Orthotics can help Provide Support:

This support can help minimise the strain and stress through tissues.

Soft tissue structures in the foot are designed to support to the foot . Sometimes certain factors overload these soft tissues (having a flat foot or a high arch) and more support is needed to prevent overloading.

Custom Orthotics can help Offload specific areas:

When there is pressure in a specific area this can leads to problematic corn and callous’ orthotics can help offload specific areas of the foot.

Custom Orthotics can help Change the Alignment of the foot and ankle:

Changing the alignment of the foot can help minimise the strain through soft tissue structures of the foot and ankle but can also assist with correcting the alignment of the knee and hip.


Orthotics can help reduce arch and heel pain, ease lower leg tendonitis and limit complications caused by knee pain.

How are your Custom Orthotics made?

We ensure that you get the best result from casting to the choice of material as the whole process is done by our clinicians.

Most podiatrists send casts or 3D scans to laboratories, we found that this does not always get the best result. By ensuring your devices are made onsite we are involved in the whole process from start to finish.

About our Custom Orthotic Process


Your foot will be cast to get an impression of your foot
There are many techniques that are available to get  a positive impression of the foot

Fibre Glass Cast Foam Box

Modification of the positive cast:

After years of experience Senior Podiatrist and Orthotist Geoffrey Dowling knows exactly the type of modifications needed to address your specific problem.

Before modification After modification

Manufacture of the device:

There are a number of different materials that your custom orthotics can be made of.

Including soft foams, harder density foams, plastics

Every foot is unique and every custom orthotic that is made is unique to  resolve your problem.


Once your orthotics are provided they can be adjusted and fine tuned to ensure that you achieve the best outcome possible



The Ankle, Foot and Orthotic Centre’s Northcote Podiatrists can help you with all lower limb complaints, including custom making orthotics. Make an appointment to get your foot and ankle pain under control.

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