Joplins Neuritis

What is Joplins Neuritis

Joplins Neuritis or Neuroma involves entrapment or compression of the proper medial digital nerve. The pain presents as tingling or numbness around the inside of the great toe.
Sometimes Joplins Neuritis presents alongside a Hallux valgus (bunion)

Location of the proper medial digital nerve (2)

Causes of Joplins Neuritis

It is thought that Joplins Neuritis is caused by compression of the nerve that runs along the inside of the great toe. This can occur when wearing tight shoes and sometimes with digital deformity.


Diagnosis of Joplins Neuritis

Diagnosis is usually based or symptoms and a complete assessment of your foot and ankle.

At the Ankle and Foot Centre we are able to provide additional information about the presence of a Mortons neuroma with ultrasound imaging – this is difficult due to the small size of the nerve.


Treatment of Joplins Neuritis

Treatment options include:

  1. Reduction of the pressure on the nerve
    – Shoe stretching
    – Wider more supportive shoes
  2. Reducing the irritation of the nerve
    – Manual massage
    – Injection therapy – Cortisone or Alcohol Sclerosis


What else could it be? (differential diagnosis)

Other problems that can cause similar pain to a neuroma include:

Bunion pain

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