Durlacher (Listers) Corn

What is a Durlacher Corn

A “Durlacher” or “Listers” corn is a name for a specific type of corn that generally presents on the lateral aspect of the little toe. It is commonly mistaken for an extra part of the toe nail.

Durlacher Corn Durlacher Corn

Causes of Durlacher Corns

As with most corns the main cause is pressure. This type on corn generally presents due to a digital deformity where the 5th toe is rotated internally and clawed.

It is common for a Durlacher corn to present in addition to a soft interdigital corn


Treatment of a Durlacher Corn

Durlacher corns can be treated by:

  • Removing the painful corn

Durlacher Corn

  • Digital offloading of the toe
  • Surgical removal of the side of the toe nail
  • Surgical correction of the position of the toe (flexor tenotomy)

Flexor Tenotomy Flexor Tenotomy

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