Cuboid Syndrome

What is Cuboid Syndrome?

Cuboid syndrome is controversial. Cuboid syndrome has also been referred to in the literature as subluxed cuboid, locked cuboid, dropped cuboid, cuboid fault syndrome, lateral plantar neuritis, and peroneal cuboid syndrome.

Causes of Cuboid Syndrome

Cuboid syndrome is thought to be caused by the ‘subluxation’ or irritation of the cuboid and the surrounding ligaments.

Cuboid sydrome is thought to occur with an acute ankle sprain and chronically with the over activity of the peroneal tendons (specifically peroneus longus).

Both these mechanisms are though to cause damage to the ligaments supporting the cuboid resulting in abnormal position of the cuboid.

Cuboid Sydnrome
1. The peroneal tendons are responsible for everting the foot 2. The peroneals are more active in a person with a high arched foot or in an inversion ankle sprain
Cuboid Sydnrome
3. The increased activity causes the cuboid to internally rotate 4. This “subluxation” is thought to cause pain at the dorsal aspect of the cuboid – navicular articulation

Certain factors are though to increase the risk for the development of cuboid syndrome:

  • Non- Supportive footwear
  • High arched feet
  • Sudden increase in activity
  • Trauma
  • Inversion ankle sprain


Diagnosis of Cuboid Syndrome

Diagnosis is generally made with specific signs and symptoms – when the pain occurs and the location.

Due to the subtle nature of the problem – diagnostic images are of no value (CT, MRI or X-ray)

Treatment of Cuboid Syndrome

The aim to correct the overall mechanics of the foot and reduce the activity of the peroneal muscles in addition to manipulation of the cuboid back into position



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