Anterior Ankle Impingement

What is Anterior Ankle Impingement

Anterior ankle impingement is the inability for the ankle to fully dorsiflex due to a blockage at the front of the ankle. This blockage can be

  • Osseous impingement
  • Soft Tissue impingement

Ultrasound examination at The Ankle and Foot Centre can assist in diagnosing this problem.

Osseous Impingement

Anterior osseous impingement can occur due to congenital abnormality or from a  previous fracture.

Osseous Anterior Ankle Impingement Normal anterior ankle
Anterior ankle osseous impingement Normal Ankle


Soft Tissue Anterior Impingement 

Anterior soft tissue impingement can occur from scar tissue from previous surgery

Treatment of Anterior Ankle Pain

Treatment aims to avoid painful compression of the anterior aspect of the ankle joint.

  • Shoes with a slight heel
  • Lace up ankle brace
  • Surgery



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