Case Study 6: Sural Nerve Impingement

A 28 year old presented with complaints of pain around the lateral aspect of the ankle. They had previously suffered a severe ankle sprain on this side.

The pain around the outside of the ankle was reported as a shooting and electrical type pain

Performing an ultrasound around the lateral aspect of the ankle joint. There was a large cyst originating from the ankle joint.  This cyst was more than likely a result of the previous ankle sprain.

Sural Nerve Impingement Utltrasound

The cyst was located in close proximity to the sural nerve

Sural Nerve Impingement Utltrasound Sural Nerve Impingement Utltrasound


The pressure from the cyst on the sural nerve was causing irriation of the nerve resulting in the burning and electrical symptoms along the nerve

The aim of treatment is to reduce the irritation of the sural nerve. In this case reducing the size of the cyst.

The cyst was aspirated (fluid removed) and the problem resolved. Cysts will generally return unless they are surgically excised.